Spoken Language Interpreting and Document Translation

Access Interpreting provides interpretation and translation services that add value to clients’ communication goals. We understand the importance of accurate and culturally sensitive services in various industries, such as healthcare, legal, government, and business. That’s why we focus on delivering exceptional interpretation and translation services that improve communication and support clients in achieving their objectives. With our expertise and focus on accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and customer satisfaction, Access Interpreting helps clients achieve their language communication goals.
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Our team provides on-site interpretation services to help businesses and organizations overcome language barriers. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation modes and specialize in clear and accurate communication to help clients achieve their goals.

Our over-the-phone interpretation services are on-demand and pre-scheduled. Our expert interpreters can connect quickly to provide interpretation in real-time to help overcome language barriers, allowing you to communicate with non-English speakers with ease. Additionally, our 24/7 availability ensures that these services are flexible and tailored to meet your specific business needs.

The video remote interpretation service is available for both pre-scheduled and on-demand communication, offering consecutive and simultaneous interpretation modes. The service provides face-to-face interpretation without the need for travel, and it’s an accurate and convenient option for communicating with people who speak different languages.

We offer on-site and video remote conference interpretation services with both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation modes. Our experts understand the importance of effective communication at conferences and events and their interpretation services can help enhance the experience of attendees, making events more successful.

Spoken Language Interpretation Services

Spoken language interpreting services are essential for effective communication across languages and cultures. They enable individuals and organizations to overcome language barriers and achieve their goals.

Access Interpreting has always been a community-first organization with a strong commitment to volunteerism, representation, and service. We strive to empower non-English speaking communities by providing access to language services, ensuring that they are not marginalized due to language barriers. We also aim to promote diversity and inclusivity in all our services, ensuring that every individual is treated with dignity and respect.

We provide a wide range of spoken language interpreting services to various industries.

Translation Services

Translation services are essential for effective communication across languages and cultures. They enable individuals and businesses to overcome language barriers and achieve their goals. Access Interpreting provides a wide range of translation services that meet the unique needs of each client. We provide exceptional service that exceeds expectations and inspires trust and understanding between languages.

We offer document translation services for multiple industries in over 100 languages, with a team of professional and specialized translators. The team is focused on providing clear communication through accurate and high-quality translations, particularly for legal, medical, and business documents. Overall, the translators are native speakers and subject matter experts to ensure precise translations.

Our proofreading services guarantee error-free and accurate translations in over 100 languages. Our expert proofreaders enhance the quality and effectiveness of your documents by improving communication.

Our machine and AI translation post-editing services offer expert editing by translators to enhance the accuracy and quality of machine-generated translations. This not only adds value, but also saves time and money while ensuring effective translations.

We specialize in translating various types of multimedia content, including videos and films. With the help of our skilled team, we can guarantee precise translations of spoken language into subtitles or voiceovers to enhance your audiovisual experience.

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