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With deep roots in the Deaf community, we uphold the highest of communication access standards. Put us to the test.

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We are firmly committed to being accountable for the outcome of our work – always. It’s the Access Promise. Learn more about why the Access Promise is important to us.


Learn more about the heart of Access Interpreting and the story behind the principles that guide us.
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Access Interpreting is a leading provider of sign language interpreting and CART services. While Washington D.C. is our homebase, we provide services across the United States.


Our sign language interpreters facilitate communication and convey all information to ensure all parties may fully communicate with each other. We also provide sign language interpreting services remotely through Virtual Interpreting Services.

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Our CART services deliver near real-time transcription of spoken conversations into text, displayable on various devices. These services are provided virtually or on-site.

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Everyone. Our service providers work in various settings, but not limited to: medical facilities, academic institutions, federal agencies, technology companies, non-profit organizations and other commercial environments. With both on-site and virtual sign language interpreting and CART, we are proud to offer services in all settings.

From higher education to K-12 institutions, Access Interpreting offers on-site and remote CART & sign language interpreting.

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With operations in the heart of the nation’s capital, Access Interpreting serves many government institutions. Learn more about how Access provides communication access to federal agencies.

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Whether it’s a hospital or dentist office, Access Interpreting provides sign language interpreting services to a wide range of medical institutions.

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Be it a meeting among engineers or the day-to-day operations of an organization that employs deaf individuals, Access Interpreting serves a wide variety of business environments.

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From weddings to birthday parties, Access Interpreting has skilled interpreters who can be there for you.

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Access Interpreting uses a mobile app that makes it easy for clients to request an interpreter. To have access to this app, you must first be registered as a client of Access Interpreting. Get in touch with us today to find out how!

ID: Background is dark blue with many bright/light blue lines curving across the screen. At the top of the image large white text reads "REQUESTING AN INTERPRETER IS EASY". Below that is the Access logo. Below that is an image with 2 iPhones showing the uSked screen. To the right of those images are two more round images. The first one shows a person in a yellow hoodie facing another person with long brown hair. The second image is a side view of a child wearing a hearing aid facing an older person in a blurry background.

Guess what we're celebrating all month? Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Join @convo on this week's HANGOUT to talk about the misconceptions of transgender identities with our guests Mixxie Hernandez, Leslye Kang, Josephine Krueger, and TK Mehlhaff.

THE HANGOUT. Every other Friday. 5pm CT. Convo’s Facebook page.

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[ID: The background is black with some grey tiles. At the top, THE HANGOUT logo is splashed across in alternating rainbow-colored letters. The topic of the event is placed underneath the title in a rectangular teal box with white text, ‘Misconceptions of Transgender Identities’. Below that, in white text is “Friday, June 4th.

Four images of the show’s guests are in the center of the post. The first top-left red box is a photo of Mixxie Hernandez, a half Latino/white man with a brown curly hair, beard, a black hat on the top, black shirt in the pink background.. The second top-right teal box is a photo of Leslye Kang, an Asian man with maroon button down shirt, silver tie, and dark gray suit with black spiked-up hair. The third bottom-left orange box is a photo of Josephine Krueger, a white older woman with gray and blond long hair wearing leopard glasses. The fourth bottom-right green box is a photo of TK Mehlhaff, an Asian lady with glasses & black long haired wearing cream colored dress and jacket with gold earrings.

Convo’s white logo is on the bottom of the post.]

Where you are, we are too. Our virtual services include various video conferencing platforms. If you need a virtual interpreter or CART provider, we are ready for you. Whenever, Wherever! What platform do you use? Connect with us! We support them all!

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Dark background has interlocked white icons of people connected with lines all moving around in different directions, but still staying connected. On the left is a barely transparent diagonal gray background with a red line following its right edge. At the top of the gray area is the Access logo. Under that in blocky red letters says "Virtual Services". Below in smaller black text says "Virtual Interpreters" and "Virtual CART Writers". There is a red button that's labeled "Connect" with the phone number and website information below it: "(202) 540-8617" and "". Below that is the email address At the bottom, thin black text reads "Where you are, we are too. Connect with us!"

Today we remember sacrifices made for our freedom and our lives. We honor all members of the military past and present with sincerest gratitude.

IMAGE DESCRIPITON: Image is separated into three sections. The right half shows an American flag flat on wood a table with dog tags laid across it. In the bottom left shows the shoulder/chest of a soldier, wearing a camo jacket with an American flag patch on the upper arm pocket, and is also wearing a stethoscope. The top left section is a gray background with blocky letters saying "gone but never forgotten". Below that says "Memorial Day 2021" and below that is the Access logo.

Join us in recognizing Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Take a moment to read about the anti-Asian hate crimes bill that the House passed and is awaiting President Biden's signature here: (link in bio)

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A light blue with many circles of various sizes creates the background. There is an orange geometric border with large orange text in the middle that reads "Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month May 1-31". At the bottom is the Access Interpreting logo.

Where do you need an interpreter? In an academic setting? Access will be there! How about at sporting events, in the workplace, or even outdoors on a guided tour? Access will provide interpreters for any event virtually or on-site. How can we help? Get in touch today!

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Gray background starts with a circle in the middle appearing. From that circle, small lines start to appear to grow off of it in all directions. At the ends of those lines other smaller circles appear and each of those smaller circles have text labels with coordinating pictures including "GOVERNMENT", "WORKPLACE", "CONFERENCES", "WEBINARS", "EDUCATION", "PERFORMANCES", "GUIDED TOURS", "SPORTS", "MEDICAL", "WEDDINGS", "SWIM LESSONGS", "TRAININGS", "COMMERCIAL", and "GRADUATION". From the main middle circle, the smaller circles and labels start to recede back towards it and disappear. The main middle circle shows the Access Interpreting logo and grows in size until the video fades to black.