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Communication Access Real-Time Translation writers translate audio information into text onto a computer screen. For One-on-One CART, writers sit next to a client with a small screen and a specialized keyboard.

Example Setting: A Deaf person attends a presentation but does not use sign language. They need text-based translation to access the presentation.


one-on-one cart services explained with a graphic of two people one watching captions while the other is typing


For Overhead CART, writers sit separately from the client and project captions onto a big screen in front of the room.

Example Setting: Large conference with multiple attendees who do not use sign language, but are in need of captioning services. The projected captions also benefit other audience members who may be seated far away and unable to hear the speaker.



For Remote CART, the writer receives access via telephone or computer and connects to the client’s laptop remotely to provide text-based translation.

Example Setting: Small meeting with very little space for more individuals in the room, but there is someone who needs translation. Captions are accessed via a laptop without requiring another person in the room. This option is also ideal for remote locations or buildings with secured wireless networks.



TypeWell/C-Print services are provided by trained transcribers who transcribe spoken language into a condensed and meaning-for-meaning written format.

Example Setting: In an educational setting, Typewell or C-Print services provide real-time transcripts of lectures for all students, enabling them to follow along with ease. After each class, a raw transcript is provided that the student can reference.


Frequently Asked Questions

Captioning is a service that provides text-based translation of meetings and events.

Captioning helps make your event compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accessible to individuals who have a hearing loss. Hearing accessible technology and services are crucial to creating an inclusive event so that everyone can participate.

Auto-generated captions solely use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software. This type of software doesn’t render proper grammar or punctuation markers, changes in speakers, technical jargon, homonym differentiation, environmental sounds/background; additionally, ASR errors in translation cannot be corrected in real-time for accuracy. Due to these aspects, the ultimate output quality of an ASR-produced transcription is of a lesser quality than that of an experienced and qualified CART service provider.

Captioning Services can be integrated with most mainstream meeting platforms such as: MS Teams, Zoom, Webex and Adobe Connect. If you are using a meeting platform that is not listed, please reach out to our team for more information.

Yes, an unedited transcript can be provided upon request at the conclusion of any event for no additional cost.

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