ASL Interpreters

Access Interpreting is a nationwide leader in providing American Sign Language interpreting and CART services. Our screening process is designed to ensure ideal placements between interpreters and clients using the uSked platform. During your evaluation we are looking for interpreters who meet the skill, attitude, and professionalism that our clients expect.

You will initially be redirected to set up an account in Ūsked before beginning your screening. Learn more below!

You may need to check your spam folder for an email you’ll receive after you set up your account.

Deaf Interpreters

Deaf Interpreters have a different screening process. When you set up your account in uSked, be sure to select “Deaf Interpreters” from the list of options.


◻️ Nationally recognized certification
◻️ Minimum of 3 years experience

     Screening Process – 3 Parts

After you create an account in uSked, you will be guided through 3 different parts of your application; Ethics, English to ASL, and ASL to English.

You will be given 3 different scenarios in written English and will be expected to respond.

You will be given a source in both sections to interpret for. While you are interpreting, your camera will automatically turn on and record you. While you are able to pause, and rewind if clarification is needed, you will not be able to start over. Once you click ‘’submit’’, uSked will assume you are finished and submit your samples.

We will be asking you some questions to understand more about types of work and settings you prefer to work in along with some other questions that will help us ensure you have the best possible experience working with us. You will also be required to upload a resume and a headshot.


You must use Chrome as your browser

A hardwired connection is suggested.

Ensure your set up and appearance will be similar to what it would be on an actual assignment.

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